Explore Cities around the world with Passport

A group of skyscrapersWe have added trial access of the Cities module to Passport until 19 December.

Passport Cities allows you to analyse market information at city level, through a selection of cities from across the globe. The database covers 850 cities and features in-depth city reviews, regularly updated reports and breaking news analysis. Reports cover the economic make-up, demographic trends, level and distribution of household income, consumer spending preferences, cities infrastructure and affordability at the city level.

Access is available on-campus and off-campus. To find the module, please go to the Economies section of Passport and select Cities.

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Sophie Dorman, E-resources Team

Get your facts straight with Statista

We currently have trial access to the Statista until 14 December.

A computer screen showing line graphs and tables

Statista is the largest data aggregator for statistics. It contains over 1 million statistics from over 18,0000 sources (including both national and international data). There are over 60,000 topics in 20 multidisciplinary categories ranging from agriculture to marketing and consumer and demographic data. It also includes industry reports.

Access is available on-campus and off-campus. To gain off-campus access, please select ‘login’, then ‘campus access’ and select University of Reading from the drop-down menu.

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Please send your comments on this resource to Tim Chapman, Liaison Librarian for Agriculture, Policy and Development (t.j.chapman@reading.ac.uk) or Gordon Connell, Liaison Librarian for Economics and the ICMA Centre (g.connell@reading.ac.uk).

Sophie Dorman, E-resources Team

Bloomsbury Design Library – Trial access available

A green typewriterWe currently have trial access to the Bloomsbury Design Library until 30 November.

The Bloomsbury Design Library covers design and crafts worldwide, from 1500 BC to the present. It has a broad range of encyclopedias, reference works ebooks, images and more. It includes access to the Bloomsbury encyclopedia of design and the World history of design.

Access is available on-campus only.

For more information go to : https://www.bloomsburydesignlibrary.com/about-bloomsbury-design-library

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If you have any feedback about this resource, good or bad, please let Ruth Ng and Karen Drury, Liaison Librarians for Typography, know – karenandruth@reading.ac.uk

Sophie Dorman, E-resources Team