How to build confidence in an uncertain world

As our world continues to be affected  by Covid-19, we are experiencing ongoing uncertainty. It is changing the way we live and how we work.

We now need to take care of our health and our wellbeing.  We can start by giving ourselves time to restore energy, to focus on what is meaningful and nurture our relationships with the people around us. 

Often,  when living with uncertainty, we can experience more worry thoughts, self-doubt and even question our ability to manage challenges. We often hear people say all we need is to have confidence – to believe in ourselves – and we can achieve anything we want to do.
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Being resilient in an uncertain world

At this time of coronavirus, when there are so many changes and uncertainty, we may notice that we can quickly feel irritated or frustrated.

For example, when we make plans and things change, and as a result, we may miss out on something important to us. When this happens, it is helpful to acknowledge that we do not have control over some events and the changes that come with them. 

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Welcome to the academic year 2020-2021

Dear all

We want to welcome you back for the start of the new term. Well done for your efforts to make progress with your studies during lockdown due to Covid-19.

Those of you who are about to start a new course this may be the first time that you are away from home and living independently. Some of you may be coming to university as a break from work to improve your career opportunities and are looking forward to learning about your chosen subject. At the same time, it may feel a bit strange to be a student again. 
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Preparing for resist this summer

Dear all

Here are the details of the webinar planned for next week:

Q & A Revision: preparing for resits
Thursday 30.7.20, at 13:00-14:00
To join use this link
This is an opportunity to ask questions about strategies for revision so that you can make the most of your time and effort.  

If you have questions about resits, you can check the guidance available on Essentials.

Also, check the Study Advice website for their excellent online resources.


Are you planning to take resits? Are you wondering how best to study to prepare well?

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Getting a good night’s sleep*

Since lockdown started, we have been creating and adapting to a new way of life.

Part of our day-to-day is having to live with uncertainty about how things will evolve. In addition, many are experiencing difficulties and added concern about health and safety.  Our routines have been interrupted, and it may have affected our sleep pattern as well.

In addition to adjusting to these changes, study and work demands may have continued or increased. In order to meet deadlines, we may work until late in the night to prepare for exams or finish projects,  further interrupting our sleep.

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Studying at home during coronavirus (Part 1)

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone around the world is adapting to working in different ways and making changes to their day-to-day activities.

As we cannot go to the university campus to our usual places of study or work, our normal cues (library, lecture rooms, office) that remind us of our routines have gone. Now we must create new patterns of work and change our habits to make progress with our tasks.
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Studying at home during coronavirus (Part 2)

Is it difficult to maintain your motivation to study?

Before lockdown, we normally had to travel to the university. In that time, we were able to transition from our home non-work mindset into our work mindset. 

As we start to turn our home/accommodation into our workspace, we may find that it is not easy to get into our work mindset. To do this, we need to create new cues in our environment to remind us of when it is work time, and when it is time to switch to our non-work time. 
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Reducing the impact of Coronavirus on your existing mental health difficulties

By Lizzie Stevenson (Mental Health Advisor)

If you are already struggling with anxiety or depression, you may be worried about how Coronavirus will affect you.

You may be worried about the uncertainty of things at the moment, or about how the possible impact to your everyday routine will impact your mental health.  
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Imperfect perfectionism

Are you finding it difficult to make progress on your assignments or dissertation? Are you dissatisfied with your work? Do you find that it takes too long to finish tasks?

Do you notice that, despite your hard work, it feels it is not good enough? Are you wondering how you will get it all done in time?

If so, you are not alone. It is common to experience these feelings when we care about producing high quality work.
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