Strategies to restore and maintain balance when dealing with challenges

Life tends to present us with challenges, and there are some situations that produce worry, tension and stress.

In some circumstances the stress response will be appropriate as our bodies react to provide us with extra energy and focus to cope with it.
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New Year’s resolutions

Strategies to increase your productivity, maintain your motivation, and achieve your goals

Welcome back to the Spring term! Starting a New Year is when most people make New Year’s resolutions to make positive changes and achieve their goals. Why is this time so significant for change? It may be because starting a new calendar year can feel like turning a page allowing us to make a fresh start. This is the opportunity to let go of thoughts about what we didn’t do last year.

This is the time to review what is important and decide what goals to focus on. For example, focusing on making changes to daily routines and prioritising those tasks that will lead to achieving your goals.
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