Body and mind conditioning

The week of 26th February – 2nd March, 2018 we had Mental Health day. During this time the mind-body conditioning talks were introduced to highlight the benefits for learning as well as to maintain good health.
This academic year these talks will be delivered during the academic year. You can find details in the Life Tools brochure.

These presentations are focused on the benefits of sleep, nutrition and exercise for learning and feeling good. Like we do body conditioning to maintain our physical fitness, it is just as important to look after your mind. You can strengthen your whole body fitness by having an understanding of what is beneficial and energising and by using a few key strategies. By adopting a whole body and mind approach you can develop your strengths and stimulate your mind while maintaining your energy for optimal functioning to achieve your goals and have a sense of fulfilment.

Through developing a mindset that is open and flexible you can increase your capacity to learn and do well in your studies.  By looking after our bodies and minds we can maintain motivation and the capacity to deal with challenges and sustain our efforts when pursuing meaningful goals. It’s about keeping alert and motivated, increasing concentration, building confidence and feeling resilient, to manage academic challenges and maintain your energy to achieve your aims.

For information on this year’s presentations you can look at the Life Tools brochure 2018-19.