SETTLING IN: after the first few weeks

Looking after your health:
So now you have been at University for a few weeks: the weather is starting to change, it is getting colder, and the days are becoming shorter.

During this change of season, when the temperature fluctuates so much, it is very common to catch a cold. Some of the symptoms are uncomfortable, such as having a general sense of not feeling well, perhaps having a headache, and having trouble breathing due to congestion.
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Settling in: adjusting to a new environment

Settling in

Welcome to all new students, and welcome back to all of you who are returning to continue with your studies. Well done for your efforts and achievements to get to this point.

For some of you this may be the first time that you are away from your familiar environment. And for others, this may have meant a long journey from your home country to come to study in the UK. And some of you, although being a home student, will also be exploring your new space.
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Strategies to restore and maintain balance when dealing with challenges

Life tends to present us with challenges, and there are some situations that produce worry, tension and stress.

In some circumstances the stress response will be appropriate as our bodies react to provide us with extra energy and focus to cope with it.
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What can you do to manage your inner world and maintain a more balanced approach?

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention than to any other talent.” (Isaac Newton)

Having the capacity for focused attention is what most students want when preparing for exams. However, with so much material covered during the academic year it can be challenging to review it all in a few weeks prior to the exams.

Managing academic pressure:

How to manage challenges and learn effectively

As the term progresses you are likely to be working on a number of assignments while deadlines get closer. Probably a time of high expectations and concern regarding your ability to complete tasks well, and in time.

Part of the academic pressure you may be experiencing now is probably due to the accumulated volume of work to do in a short period of time. It is likely to be a frustrating time, and even stressful.
Although it may feel very challenging, you can rely on your brain’s amazing capacity to learn.

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New Year’s resolutions

Strategies to increase your productivity, maintain your motivation, and achieve your goals

Welcome back to the Spring term! Starting a New Year is when most people make New Year’s resolutions to make positive changes and achieve their goals. Why is this time so significant for change? It may be because starting a new calendar year can feel like turning a page allowing us to make a fresh start. This is the opportunity to let go of thoughts about what we didn’t do last year.

This is the time to review what is important and decide what goals to focus on. For example, focusing on making changes to daily routines and prioritising those tasks that will lead to achieving your goals.
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How to increase your motivation and get things done

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your motivation to complete assignments?

It is likely that during the busy academic term you have several assignments to work on and that need to be submitted soon. Are you finding it difficult to get started? Are you waiting to feel like writing your assignment, or do you feel you need to do more research? Perhaps you have several tasks and not sure which one to do first?

Do you feel that you want to get your work done, but wonder whether your efforts will produce the results you want?

It is common to have these questions when doing academic work, particularly when deadlines are approaching.

Take a moment to consider why you go to lectures, go to your part-time job, watch a TV programme, or read this blog post. You probably will notice that you have a variety of reasons underlying your decision to engage with any activity.

So, how do we decide what to do with our time, our capacity to pay attention and our energy?
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