Autumn Meeting 2017

In 2017-2018, we widened participation by inviting colleagues with an interest in foreign language pedagogy to join us in termly meetings. The purpose of the first meeting, held on 13th November 2017, was to spark a discussion on a topic that is currently highly controversial: marking criteria, rubrics and grading scales used to assess speaking and writing in a foreign language, which is the theme we chose for this year. Three short presentations served as a springboard for some initial discussion, which was carried over to the Spring Term Meeting:

  1. What can I say? An overview of the new GCSE speaking assessment, Sarah Marston, IoE
  2. What use are band descriptors? Rob Playfair, IFP, ISLI
  3. ‘Standards’ and ‘marking criteria’: honest attempts at impossible tasks? , Rita Balestrini, MLES




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