Lyminge 2012 Interim Report published and available to download!

We’re really pleased to announce that the interim report for the excavations that took place in the summer of 2012 on Tayne Field is now available for all to download on the Lyminge Archaeological project website.

Lyminge Excavations 2012 Interim Report available to all to download

The front cover of the Lyminge Excavations 2012 Interim Report, available to all to download from the publications link of the project website

It is jam-packed full of detailed summaries of the major Anglo-Saxon discoveries, including the royal feasting hall, as well as the important Mesolithic and Norman-period archaeology. It is illustrated with detailed site plans and a wide selection of colour photos of the site under excavation and of finds and features.

The interim report provides a detailed summary of the archaeology excavated last summer, and accompanies the photographs and information on the blog pages and through the galleries on the website.

Do also remember that if you are interested in reading up on the progress of the excavations at Lyminge since 2008 then you can also download all the previous interim reports and follow our work over the years in this way too. They are all available on the publications page of the project website.

Further externally published reports are also available on the publications page – we make available all press and publications on our website to provide everyone, whether student, academic researcher, or interested member of the public, with to access our data. Raw data in the form of our excavation records is available on the Integrated Archaeological Database (IADB) which is being continuously updated by our data manager Simon Maslin, storing all our records digitally. You can access this information by logging in a username: GUEST password: GUEST.

We hope you enjoy reading about the preliminary results of the first AHRC funded season of excavation at Lyminge!

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