UoR MA Art Show

My practice has been centered around gender politics and sociopolitical issues that keep shifting and come to human behaviour. This time around my work is focusing on the memories of our childhood and the restrictions that have been put upon us; whether the reasons were gender,age, nationality and more. Is intriguing to me personally to learn about others experiences and the suppression we could all carry or find common with. The idea has come as an inspiration to me in the summer of 2020 learning about masculinity and discovering that we all have grown up into oppression and try to fit into what the norms have been telling us to do. I remember the things as a young girl that I wanted to do ,like playing pool ,watching rallies and I was often called that I am more masculine than my brother.

I wonder how many people felt like me thus at this point of my practice I will be exploring and gathering different stories from any background,ages and genders. The element of the work is video performance presenting a version of the confessions I have gathered. The importance of the piece is about the body language, the clothes and the materials that are used; each detail represents keywords standing out for me. Although at the same time mock the stereotypes and the oppression this confessions show. The main point of the work is to make the audiences included and see a side we often hide as humans or we ignore and that is to be vulnerable and emotional.

Eleni Sofokleous: MA Creative Enterprise

University of Reading
PO Box 217
United Kingdom