UoR MA Art Show

The process of the work, in a very vague description, is painting. The work is presented on a canvas and the materials that are used vary from piece to piece. The most common materials that appear on the pieces are acrylic paint, spray paint and different types of ink. Rarely pencil marks, uncovered gesso primer,collage of different materials and led light strips. All in all, the paintings can be considered of mixed media.

The concept behind each piece of work is to control the overall atmosphere that is created by the combination of different components, which alludes to various contexts. In the work, repetition plays a great role as certain experiences are repetitive, thus, a lot of pieces have common patterns or styles in them. Due to the fact that the atmosphere that might trigger the beginning of a painting is not realistically painted as an image, the final pieces tend to look surreal in terms of composition, scale between elements of the painting and even styles that are used within the piece.The understanding of harmony consists of disorderly elements,whilst balance is the key factor within the composition. Inspiration tends to come from everyday life circumstances and a lot of memories from the past and my childhood. The composition and the positioning of the elements painted are ‘controlled’ and placed in the painting in consideration of the theoretical geometry of the elements present and also in relation to the canvas itself. As certain events might have turning points and might not come to an end, the work keeps coming back, so the word ‘controlled’ stays constant and is a guide that lets the work develop.

KonstantinosPapagiannopoulos: MA Creative Enterprise

University of Reading
PO Box 217
United Kingdom