Notre-Dame du Taur, Toulouse (photo taken by Catherine)

This is a shot of an interesting genealogy that was discovered in 1872 and fully restored in 2001-04. It has been dated to the 14th-15th centuries. The genealogy is quite different from the vertical (upwards-moving) Tree of Jesse design (see my post below, a famous window at Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire, where the tree of Jesse is carved in stone and the stained glass carries other figures). It starts at the top left- hand side with Abraham and Isaac, and progresses horizontally from left to right, in two rows. The prophets hold scrolls that originally contained their names, but most of these are now missing.

See the article by Jean-Marc Stouffs, ‘La conservation-restoration des peintures de l’eglise de Notre-Dame du Taur,’ Mémoires de la Société Archéologique du Midi de la France, 65 (2005) 97-103.

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