L’Abreujamens de las estorias and Time – conference paper

“L’Abreujamens de las estorias” and time:

On June 27th, 2013, University of Reading GCMS Summer Symposium, organised by Lindy Grant, “Telling Time in the Middle Ages”, with papers on the medieval calendar (Anna Tarassenko, Anne Lawrence-Mathers), the astrolabe (Josephina Arribas Rodriguez of the Warburg Institute) and clocks (David Thompson of the British Museum).
Andrea Worm (University of Augsburg): The diagrammatic histories of Peter of Poitiers, and his influence.

Catherine Leglu: “Telling Time through Genealogy in Fra Paolino Veneto‚Äôs ‘Compendium’ (c.1321-28)”.

About Catherine Leglu

Catherine Leglu is Professor of French and Occitan Studies at the University of Reading.
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