Peter Ricketts, BA, PhD, OBE.

Peter Ricketts, in many ways the instigator of our project, who had offered his advice and encouragement throughout, died in May 2013.
Obituaries of Peter have been published on the following websites:
(The AIEO, Association internationale d’etudes occitanes, which Peter co-founded, and which he led as its first president for many years).
(commemorating Peter’s years as James Barrow Professor of French at the University of Liverpool in the early 1980s. A minor correction to Charles Forsdick’s notice – Catherine was never Peter’s student! But in many ways, those of us who went through the AIEO and who had our work read and critiqued by Peter were his students).

About Catherine Leglu

Catherine Leglu is Professor of French and Occitan Studies at the University of Reading.
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