Universal Voices Team

Universal Voices is a free children’s choir at the University of Reading, led by Rebecca Berkley and the Universal Voices team, students who are keen to develop their skills in leadership. This is an exciting appointment with many opportunities to work with children between the ages of 7-14. Universal Voices is free to all children, supported by kind donations from individuals and foundations through the Alumni and Supporter Engagement Office. 

Applications are invited from any undergraduate or postgraduate students at the University of Reading. Students must be studying at the University throughout the period of their time as part of the Universal Voices Team. You can be part of the team for a minimum of one term, or throughout the whole year. The Universal Voices Team scheme contributes to the RED Award.

Applications for the Universal Voices Team 2020-21 will reopen when the University of Reading campus is open for students.

As part of the Universal Voices team, you will be part of the leadership team for the University of Reading’s children’s choir, helping to run weekly rehearsals and assisting at performances. You do not have to be a regular performing member of Music at Reading ensembles, but we encourage joining at least one to develop your own skills. 

Successful Universal Voices team members will be enthusiastic team players who are willing to learn. We are keen to support all members of the University student community, and welcome applications from everyone whether or not you consider music or singing to be your specialism. There are several pastoral roles available that do not require musical expertise, just a willingness to join in! 

In house training can focus on:

  • Effective rehearsal leadership skills
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • Event management skills
  • Accompanying skills
  • Conducting and directing skills
  • Leading from within an ensemble
  • Working with children


Applications for the Universal Voices team 2020-21 will reopen when the University of Reading campus is open for students. If you have a question, let us know by emailing music@reading.ac.uk. 


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