Campus Voices

A relaxed, sociable group that sings pop, folk and music theatre favourites, and performs in informal events on campus. The group joins with other Music at Reading groups to sing in larger concerts. Campus Voices is open access, offering students, staff and members of the local community the opportunity to come together and sing.

Campus Voices is directed by Katie Whaley.

Weekly sessions throughout the year are divided into sequences of differing lengths and difficulties; you can sign up for as many or as few sequences as you would like. Attendance of all sessions in a sequence is recommended for full benefit. 

Campus Voices Ensemble Vision

Click here to find out more about Campus Voices, and the content of each sequence for 2019-20.






Finding your Voice Foundation Individual Sessions Tuesday 10 September
Thursday 12 September
Tuesday 17 September
Thursday 19 September
No Performance
Campus Voices sing Christmas Intermediate 10 weeks Autumn Term A Hollywood Christmas
Campus Voices sing Jazz Intermediate 8 weeks Spring Term Local Community
Finding your Voice: Songs of Africa Foundation 3 weeks Spring Term No Performance
Campus Voices sing The Greatest Showman Intermediate 7 weeks Summer Term Big Band Big Lunch
Finding your Voice: Songs of the British Isles Foundation 8 weeks Summer Vacation No Performance


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