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Do not contact your ensemble tutor directly; all absence reports must come through our online system. Absences not reported through this system will be registered as an unauthorised absence, and may affect your membership of an auditioned ensemble. For information on using this system, please see our How To Report Absence guide.

Reporting Absence in Advance:

Where possible, please report your absence at least two hours in advance of the rehearsal. We expect members to plan their weekly schedules to include rehearsals, particularly where assignments are concerned. Members of auditioned ensembles are expected to attend no less than 90% of rehearsals a term. If absence rates drop below this percentage, you may be asked to leave the ensemble.

Reporting Absence at the Last Minute:

In truly unforeseen circumstances, any time in the two hours before your rehearsal takes place, please text the Music at Reading mobile (07711 391143) with the following message:

Absence: [Name], [Ensemble], [Reason for Absence]

Please include the word Absence at the beginning of your text to ensure that the message is prioritised.

Reporting Absence After the Rehearsal:

It is possible to backdate absence reports using the online form, however please make the effort to let us know before a rehearsal.

Why is Attendance Important?

  • Every musician is essential in the group, even in large ensembles.
  • It is easy to fall behind, as input is rarely repeated in the same detail.
  • Your director plans the rehearsals in advance, anticipating full attendance in every section, to ensure that the music is prepared for your performance. Low attendance rates mean that performances are unlikely to be of the high standard expected of Music at Reading ensembles.
  • In the unlikely case of extremely high percentage of absence, a rehearsal may be cancelled or merged with its sister ensemble for technique, musicianship, and joint repertoire input.


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