The Changing shape of the UCL project team

We recently experienced the first major stumbling block for our project, which came in the form of losing our Content Developer to a brilliant new job in Birmingham. Our loss was Bravissimo’s gain as Isaac Boateng joined their technical team. Some quick thinking was required. To date, UCL’s project staffing had been structured with digitisation coming under the auspices of Learning & Media Services and the content development to be undertaken by one project officer. My role would be to provide a bridge between the lecturers’ and students’ subject-focused input and the Content Developer’s requirements for the creation of the digital resources. However, with the loss of Isaac – a new constellation of staff was required… The solution was found in three subject-specific developers and one technical mentor. So, we welcome to the project Dave Hone, Krisztina Lackoi and Matt Paskins, who will use their expertise, respectively in paleobiology, art history and the history of science, to develop OERs under the masterful guidance of the Petrie Museum’s Giancarlo Amati. So, I am looking forward to getting everyone together and planning the next step in content development. This will prove particularly exciting because Giancarlo is our resident expert in 3D technologies and has already developed some interesting new educational resources using 3D.