We have produced a number of videos about our research and impact activities, hosted on our YouTube Channel.



Our reports are intended to present our research results to as wide an audience as possible and may contain preliminary research findings or highlight results of relevance to policy and practice.

Download Evans-et-al-2016 Responses to Death, Care and Family Relations in Urban Senegal and the Policy Brief.

Read Sally Lloyd-Evans’ and colleagues’ report on the Whitley Big Local project:Lloyd-Evans, S. and the Whitley Researchers, 2015 Exploring the everyday transport needs and experiences of local communities in Reading.

Read Hilary Geoghegan’s and colleagues’ report on Understanding Motivations for Citizen Science.


Policy briefings

Climate Services for Smallholder Farmers Walker Institute Fact Sheet

Growing cashew nuts in Ghana: Land access, food security and poverty alleviation Walker Institute Briefing

‘Bereavement Awareness’ is crucial to achieving the 2030 Agenda: Evidence from Senegal

Journal articles

Read Ruth Evans’ open access article in Area about Achieving and evidencing ‘impact’? Tensions and dilemmas from an ethic of care perspective

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