The next Pervasive Context meeting

Our next virtual conference meeting between Reading and Beijing will take place next Tuesday (March 1st) from 9:00-11:00. In this meeting, we will be discussing chapter 13 from Imagination and Convention by Ernie Lepore and Matthew Stone (OUP).

In this chapter, the authors argue for a distinctive view regarding the role of communicative intentions, which they contrast with the view put forward by Grice. According to Grice’s ‘prospective intentionalist’ view, the meaning of an utterance is determined by the changes that the speaker intends to make to the conversation in uttering what she has. According to Lepore & Stone’s view, communicative intentions determine the meaning of an utterance by linking it up with the appropriate linguistic conventions.

Here is a link to the OSO page for the chapter:

Dr. Nat Hansen will lead the discussion on the chapter.

If you would like to attend this meeting, just email:

lepore and stone