EPSRC undergraduate student project

Gold%20nanoparticlesSee below for details of an EPSRC funding project for undergraduates in Professor Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy’s laboratory here in the school of pharmacy:

Students are invited to apply for 10 weeks undergraduate EPSRC-funded project entitled ” Designing polymer-functionalised gold nanoparticles for penetration of biological tissues ” available at Reading School of Pharmacy.

This summer project will include (1) the synthesis of gold nanoparticles decorated with water-soluble polymers; (2) studies of reaction kinetics as a function of environmental temperature using UV-Vis spectrophotometry; (3) characterisation of nanoparticle size using dynamic light scattering, nanoparticle tracking analysis and transmission electron microscopy; (4) the synthesis of fluorescently-labelled nanoparticles; and (5)  studies of their diffusion through animal mucosal tissues using fluorescent microscopy and transmission electron microscopy.

The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of chemistry as well as sufficient laboratory experience. They should be self-motivated, with an ability to independently assess potential issues and derive logical solutions and conclusions.

Applicants are asked to submit a CV and covering letter to Prof. Khutoryanskiy (v.khutoryanskiy@reading.ac.uk) before 24th May.

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