WITTGENSTEIN FORUM Programme Autumn 2013

Wittgenstein Forum

Seminars take place on Tuesdays (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) at 4-6 p.m., in HumSS G57.

All staff and students are welcome to attend.


Autumn Term 2013


Week 2:  15th October:

Roger Teichmann (Oxford):

The Picture of an ‘Inner Process’


Week 4: 29th October:

John Preston:

What is Logical Space?


Week 6: 12th November:

Severin Schroeder:

Mathematics as Grammar


Week 8: 26th November:

Jon Beale:

Paul Horwich on Wittgenstein’s Anti-Scientism


Week 10: 10th December:

Maximilian de Gaynesford:

The End of Philosophy


Convenor: Dr Severin Schroeder




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