University of Reading Visiting Speaker Sessions

Autumn Term 2020 [Online]
Platform: MS Teams
Thursdays 2-4pm

Talk details will be continuously updated on this page.

10 minutes into the talk, guests will no longer be permitted entry.

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Date Speaker Title Abstract
1st Oct Fiona Woollard (Southampton) Why Is Having a Baby like Running a Marathon? Gendered Embodied Reproductive Achievements and Philosophical Analyses of Achievement abstract


8th Oct Luke Elson (Reading) Desires, Indeterminacy, and the Basic Belief
15th Oct Michael Bevan (Oxford) On Behalf of a Syntactic Theory of Necessity
22nd Oct Stacie Friend (Birkbeck) Criticising Misrepresentation in Fiction and Non-fiction abstract
29th Oct Jennifer Morton (Chapel Hill) Resisting Pessimism Traps: The Limits of Epistemic Resilience
12th Nov Daniel Layman (Davidson) Republican Liberty as Liberty within Rights abstract


19th Nov Alex Grzankowski (Birkbeck) Emotions are not representations, they are dispositions
26th Nov Havi Carel (Bristol) Pandemic phenomenology abstract
3rd Dec Ishani Maitra (Michigan LSA) Unsettling Speech abstract
10th Dec Erik Carlson (Uppsala) Every Drop Matters – The Significance of Tiny Contributions