• Rana Aljaibachi
    Uptake and Ecotoxicity of microplastic particles (polystyrene) by Daphnia magna
  • Matthew Kaan Alkan
    Assessing the effects of NOx and Ozone on volatile organic compound Signal Mediated InterActions of the silver Y moth (ANOSMIA)
  • Ashwaq Al-Thobaiti
    Phylogenetics and characterisation of Lamiaceae tribe Ocimeae (With Alan Paton, Kew)
  • Mahira Ali Siddiq Al Zadjali
    Characterising the influence of different wheat cultivar rhizospheres on variations in microbiome diversity and functionality
  • Alice Barratt
    Developing a global model of leaf phenology and photosynthetic activity
  • Andrew Bewsey
    A computer-aided identification key to the British flora
  • Jordan Bilsborrow
    Taxonomy and systematics of Narcissus
  • Vicky Boult
    Modelling elephant behaviour using satellite data to measure food availability
  • Robin Boyd
    How are pelagic fish populations impacted by food availability?
  • Irene Christianus
    The effect of urbanisation on butterfly (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera) communities
  • Duncan James Coston
    Quantifying the impact of the neonicotinoid pesticide restriction on oilseed, pest control, pollination and productivity
  • Erika Degani
    Can novel crop rotations enhance multiple ecosystems services underpinning
    arable production?
  • Louise Denning
    Vegetation recovery of saltmarsh and sand dune habitat following
    cable and pipeline installation
  • Vinnie DeOliveira
    The influence of mycorrhizal fungi in Populus trichocarpa grown under Cd and Zn stress
  • Oli Ellingham
    The diversity, distribution & diagnostics of the powdery mildew fungi
  • Luke Evans
    Modelling butterfly responses to field margin design
  • Anna Freeman
    Assessing the impact of zooplankton on river phytoplankton dynamics
  • Ahmed Gawhari
    A taxonomic toolkit for the updating of the Libyan flora (with Stephen Jury)
  • Ali Jamaludin
    An integrated toolkit for the identification of Southeast Asian tree ferns
  • Kirsten Lees
    Measuring peatland carbon sequestration and emission by remote sensing
  • Samuel Greig Leigh
    Harnessing multiple ecosystem services from novel crop rotations
  • Robin McArthur
    Beneficial mites for bumblebees
  • Norhayati Ngah
    Influence of hidden plant pathogens on ecological interactions at higher trophic levels
  • John Peaty
    The effect of climate change on Fagus sylvatica in southern England woodlands
  • Heather Plumpton
    Long-term impacts of drought on Chiquitano tropical dry forests of South America
  • Catharine Pschenyckyj
    Attributing biological controls on recent changes in carbon cycling in organic soils
  • Elise Amador Rocha
    The ecological consequences of urbanisation
  • Hassan Rankou
    Floristic diversity of Morocco using inventory, computer modelling and informatics approaches (with Stephen Jury)
  • Shyamali Roy
    Evaluating the impact of emergent disease on microbial and insect populations in the tree ecosystem
  • Marijke Struik
    How can we make better use of crop residues?
  • Richard Sands
    The population ecology of oak processionary moth in semi-natural woodland
  • Anas Tawfeeq
    Environmental and genetic control of essential oil production in rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Irene Teixidor-Toneu
    Transmission of medicinal plant knowledge; a case study from Morocco