Eminent Experts Visit for Seminar on Northern Ireland

Alan Renwick

The Department of Politics and International Relations hosted a major seminar last week on the British army’s successes and failures in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.  The seminar was given by the former General Officer Commanding in Northern Ireland, General Sir Rupert Smith, whose paper was called ‘Military Operations and the Good Friday Agreement’.  The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP also attended, and the seminar was chaired by Professor Colin Gray.  For more information, see this news story on the University’s website. 

The University of Reading is a major centre of research into Strategic Studies, and this was the first in a new series of seminars called ‘British Military Campaigns Since 1969: An Audit of Performance’, funded by General Dynamics.  The University is also a research leader in the Ethics of Armed Conflict.  The Liberal Way of War programme, funded by the Leverhulme Foundation, will hold its next major seminar, on ‘Interrogation in War and Conflict’ on 29th November.

Details of all forthcoming seminars in the Department can be found on the Department’s website.

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