Parliamentary Studies trip to Westminster

On Wednesday 14th March students on the Parliamentary Studies module visited the Houses of Parliament for our annual outing to Westminster. We are only one of 20 universities in the UK that offer this module, and this is one of the highlights of the year. It turned out to be an historic day! Several students were present for debate following the Prime Minister’s Statement on the response to the attempted murder of the Skirpals in Salisbury, with others witnessing first-hand the media’s coverage.

Students were also present for the parallel debate in the House of Lords on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, as well as Sajid Javid’s House of Commons statement on integrated communities. In addition, two extremely open talks were given by Lord Cashman (former MEP and co-founder of Stonewall), and Lucy Powell (MP for Manchester, and Ed Miliband’s chief of staff for his leadership campaign). Here the opportunity was provided for a wide range of questions to be put forward.

The day concluded in the Select Committee on Human Rights, chaired by Harriet Harman – the theme was ‘attitudes to enforcement’ with evidence provided from the legal profession, and questions from Lord Woolf and Baroness Lawrence, amongst others. 

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