About our Teaching

Studying Politics and International Relations means studying how our world works and how we can make it better. Our courses give you the inside track on the ideas and institutions that shape today’s globalized world. Drawing on cutting-edge research by Reading academics, you will learn to engage critically with a range of contemporary problems. Here are just a few of the questions that you might explore through our programmes:

  • Do economic problems lead to higher support for extremism?
  • How can the international community best respond to conflict in the Middle East?
  • How should we address climate change?
  • Who decides who is a terrorist (and how)?
  • How can we strengthen the operation of our democracy?
  • What are the causes of war?

Taster: our Freedom first year module

Our approach

Our approach to teaching embodies four core principles:

1. Small-Group Teaching: We place great emphasis on small-group interactions among students and world-leading faculty members, so that we get to know you and can help you as individuals.

2. Innovation: Our modules include elements such as Model United Nations conferences, crisis simulations, and participation in a radio show, all of which help deepen your understanding of Politics and International Relations and develop the skills that you will need in the future.

3. Employability: Our unique Employability Programme gives you tailored careers support from your first term onwards. We also offer a range of placement opportunities and we embed the development of employability skills throughout our curriculum.

4. Study abroad: You can spend part of the time during our three-year degree programmes studying at one of our partner universities in North America, Europe, Japan, or Australia, or working on an international placement..

All our courses build on the expertise of academics who are world leaders in their fields. You can find more about their research interests and some of our major research projects on our website.

British Society – First Year module taster