Earth Science Week: 10 – 18 October 2015

The Geological Society has hosted Earth Science Week since 2011.  For a summary of the events, Geowalks, talks and workshops taking place this year follow this link – Earth Science Week. 2015 is also the first themed year – ‘this year the theme being mud, highlighting mud’s role in our understanding of the history of our planet. Mud represents both an end and a beginning – the end of the cycle of erosion and transport, and the beginning of the generation (through burial and transformation) of new materials of great value to society’  Are you taking part in any of these events? Let us know if you are!




Diversity in the Geosciences

‘The Geological Society is committed to supporting diversity in its staff and Fellowship, and has made it a priority to help encourage and celebrate equality and inclusion in geoscience education and professions. As the UK professional body for geoscientists, the Geological Society believes that everybody should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other diversity characteristic.  In September 2014 the Geological Society formalised this commitment by becoming a signatory to the Science Council’s Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. This Declaration sets out their ambition to improve diversity, equality and inclusion across geoscience communities.’

Accessible Fieldwork meeting












On 26th June 2015 the Geological Society are holding a conference – Confronting barriers to inclusion: opening the gate to accessible fieldwork.  Through a combination of talks from invited speaker, as well as panel and group discussions they aim to address a number of questions including:

  • Does the emphasis on fieldwork in geoscience education discourage the participation of people with disabilities?
  • How can we design and deliver fieldwork that is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities?
  • How can we ensure that geoscience education and professions attract and develop the talents of people with diverse abilities?

How would you answer these questions?