Photocopier in 165


The photocopier in 165 is going to be setup this afternoon to require a login or access card.

This will enable the photocopying to be tracked by user.

For more information and videos on how to login and how to register your access card see

The photocopier in 165 is now set up to require authentication.

There are also two new printer queues “Photocopier (Colour)” and “Photocopier (BW)” which you can use with the photocopier instead of 165cp. The difference is that jobs sent to these queues will not print until you release them when you are logged onto the photocopier.

You can find windows shortcuts to these printers in the folder “z:\printers\Printer Hold Queues”

In order to help you keep track of your printing and photocopying we will be pushing out the papercut client to windows desktops in the domain shortly.



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