Written by Doris Christodoulou, BA History

Graduations always generate clashing emotions. They mark the end of stressful deadlines, presentations, exams and likely several emotional breakdowns!

Yet, they also trigger nostalgic memories with your friends who accompanied you on this crazy ride and your professors who guided you to this very moment. In both instances, what better idea than concluding your student life and celebrating graduation with an exciting trip with your friends? You worked hard and you deserve it!

Here are some inspiring post-graduation trip ideas you and your squad shouldn’t miss.

  1. Island-hopping in Greece

    Greece is the absolute summer destination. You can relax and party as much as you like! The Cyclades offer both lifestyles, in addition to the golden beaches, little white villages and ancient ruins they hold.

    You’re a recent graduate and possibly need rest, but some habits don’t need to die yet! Spend the first couple of days in Mykonos, where you can experience the ultimate nightlife, which many celebrities from around the world fancy. You might see one if you are lucky!

    Head over to Naxos to enjoy the numerous beautiful beaches. Don’t forget to visit the famous Portara located at the Apollo Temple.

    Santorini is a shutterbug’s dream, not least because of the charming sunsets you can enjoy from Oia, but also because there is a still-active volcano, which definitely worth a visit.

    From there island-hop in Folegandros where you can relax in the island’s lively atmosphere. Then head to Ios where you can party hard before you head back home.

    You can always adjust these however you like if you are on a budget, but island-hopping at the Cyclades will guarantee you a party experience and relaxation all inclusive in a single trip.

  2. Have a road trip in Italy

    A road trip through Italy’s magnificent landscapes will make an unforgettable experience. You can choose between Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, the most famous Italian road trips.

    Tuscany is ideal if your squad loves food and wine, as well as if you are looking for distinctive landscapes and stunning architecture. Drive through Florence, Chianti, Siena, Val d’Orcia and Orvieto, where you can enjoy the picturesque setting created by the stunning architecture and the lush green, and taste some of the finest wines of the area.

    The Amalfi Coast is a different experience, ideal if you prefer to be by the sea. It is popular among many tourists for its beautiful panoramas as composed by the green hillsides with colourful houses and the blue ocean. Ride through Salerno, Vietri sul Mare, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento and you are guaranteed fun memories to treasure with your friends.

  3. Discover culture in Morocco

    If you and your squad are looking for a culture trip, then catch a flight to Morocco!

    Live the ultimate desert adventure while you experience the traditional nomadic life in the Sahara Desert on the back of camels, surrounded by sand. If you are the extreme type, set up your tents, light a campfire, while you enjoy the sunset behind the dunes.

    For an authentic Moroccan experience, visit Marrakesh’s local Hammam, Dar El Basha, which is the city’s largest Hammam.

    Explore the ancient Moroccan sites and walk yourself through the incredible traditional architecture that adorns the country.

  4. Connect with nature in Iceland

    If you and your friends love nature – waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields await in Iceland! Disconnect from the digital world and connect with the incredible sights you don’t get to see every day.

    You’ll find it surprising that during summertime, daylight hours go as long as 11 pm which is a surreal experience, but definitely one that hardly anyone forgets.

  5. Chill out in Cuba

    Now it’s the time for you to own that Instagram Cuban-style post with the colourful old cars and bright streets of Havana. After you enrich your knowledge (and your Instagram with all the pictures you’ll take) with the history of the area, head to Varadero, a popular beach among travellers. Grab a Piña Colada, relax and enjoy the exotic setting that surrounds you.

Exams were tough, graduations can get emotional, but great things are on the way. These are a few ideas of how to celebrate the end of your student life and start the new chapter with an exciting trip for you and your friends. Have a great summer!