Student life hacks

Getting into Reading Uni through Clearing? Here’s a quick guide to help you

Written by Erin Karn, BA Art and Film

Joining university can be a scary time full of endless preparation. The last thing you need is to have to change all your plans to go to a different university you have no knowledge of. As most universities have different induction processes here’s some step-by-step advice that will walk you through joining the University of Reading community – turning your stressful option into a comfortable choice.

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5 things to do as a Reading student – that don’t involve alcohol

Written by Ashley Fontaine, BA  English Literature and Film & Theatre

It’s likely that one of the first things that springs to mind when you think of the student lifestyle is boozing culture, drunken antics and the inevitable hangover in next day’s lectures.

This stereotype is commonly associated with the ‘university experience’, and while ‘party animal’ capers are great fun for some and almost seen as a rite of passage, it doesn’t need to be the be-all and end-all of your time at university – especially if, like me, you aren’t a big fan of drinking.

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Chat to our Ambassadors: a new feature for students

Written by Erin Karn, BA Art and Film

What is it?

The University of Reading have added a new feature to their website: the ability to talk to student ambassadors. This allows prospective students the chance to ask any and all their questions about student life to those who have already experienced it.

It’s extremely simple to make an account – all it requires is your name and e-mail – and then you can start chatting immediately. There’s also a blog feed where the ambassadors have uploaded useful articles about common worries, such as ‘The Wonderful World of Accommodation Choices’, ‘University, Disability and You’ and ‘Optional Modules – How to Choose’.

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Halls-to-House: preparing for the big move

Written by Enrique Saunders, BA Film

If you’re a first year university student, there’s a high chance that you’re currently staying at university accommodation.

You may be catered or self-catered, live on or off campus, but what happens when you’re thrown out into the real world of letting agencies and student houses?

Here’s my breakdown of what to look out for when moving out of halls accommodation.

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5 Top Tips for undergraduates from graduates

Written by Cameron Gill, BA Film

It’s there, isn’t it? That feeling you can’t seem to shake? How would you describe it? Palms are sweaty. Knees weak. Arms are heavy. Sweater covered in mum’s spaghetti. Well maybe it’s a sensation that can’t be fully defined by Eminem lyrics but I’m sure some of you are feeling it – that inevitable anxiety that hits us all when our life at university is just about to begin.

Looking back, I remember how I felt before I went to study at uni. I wished I could have spoken to someone who’d already been through the experience. I imagine some of you feel the same. But fear not, as I am here with some advice from myself and a few of my graduating friends to ease your worried mind.

Here’s a list of 5 top tips from graduates who have been there, been scared and ultimately been blessed with a great experience at the University of Reading.

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5 Post-graduation trip ideas for you and your friends

Written by Doris Christodoulou, BA History

Graduations always generate clashing emotions. They mark the end of stressful deadlines, presentations, exams and likely several emotional breakdowns!

Yet, they also trigger nostalgic memories with your friends who accompanied you on this crazy ride and your professors who guided you to this very moment. In both instances, what better idea than concluding your student life and celebrating graduation with an exciting trip with your friends? You worked hard and you deserve it!

Here are some inspiring post-graduation trip ideas you and your squad shouldn’t miss.

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A lowdown on Fresher’s Week

Written by Mackenzie Brook. BA Art

Here’s a lowdown on everything you need to know about Fresher’s week – what to get involved with, where to go if you need help, and also all the things you can do if you don’t drink!

Moving in and meeting people

Moving away from home to university can be a very daunting experience, but it will also leave you with the best memories. When moving in remember to step out of your comfort zone. Start by leaving your door open while you’re unpacking, allowing flat mates to introduce themselves when they walk past your room. Also, when you find your first flat mate, go round knocking on your other flat mates’ doors to see if they have moved in yet. Another good way to get settled in is by eating your meals in the kitchen and not in your room – as this is where you will be able to get to know your flat mates most.

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Getting your insurance choice university

Written by Mackenzie Brook, BA Art

Results day is fast approaching and, for anyone in Year 13, it can be a very stressful time, especially if you are awaiting results that will hopefully get you into your chosen university. However, when results day came around for myself and many others, it didn’t all go to plan and I didn’t get the results I’d been hoping for. As a result, I wasn’t given my firm choice, but my insurance choice , the University of Reading.

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International or Local Student? Coming ‘Home’ after Life Abroad

Written by Yvonne Newton, BA Theatre (ig: @eve_yve)

Moving to a different country is always going to be challenging. You are entering a new culture, experiencing new languages and meeting new people. However, what happens when you move to a country you have always considered a part of your identity? I talk to students about their experience of coming back to the UK to study after life abroad.

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