A must-read guide for 2nd Year students moving into rented accommodation

Excited to move into private rented accommodation next year? Taz has some advice for you to help make your tenancy run smoothly!


You’ve sorted your accommodation, paid the first month’s rent and know whether you’re getting the room closest or furthest away from the wifi. If this is you and you’re preparing to take the jump from halls to rented accommodation, then congratulations! Not only are you a third of your way through university, but you can now also look forward to a year of sleeping in a double bed, as well as getting to know your housemates down to a T.

However, as exciting as moving into a house with friends sounds, there are a number of new responsibilities that you’ll need to take on. And to ensure that you make the most of your housing experience, and are as safe as possible whilst doing so, you’ll want to read up on these simple tips.

Know your neighbours

Regardless of whether you’re living in a mainly student or family area, you’ll want to familiarise yourselves with those around you. The purpose of this is to not only know whose door you’re going to be knocking on to collect your Boohoo package, but to get a sense of your limits when it comes to noise levels on a Saturday night. Don’t let an angry message from your landlord be the first sign of uncompromising neighbours…

Prioritise your safety

As much as leaving doors unlocked and walking alone at night would be sensible behaviour in an ideal world, there are several measures you need to take to ensure your safety at all times in Reading. Firstly, you’ll want to join the student safety-alert Facebook pages: Reading Women Walking Home or Reading Student Neighbourhood Watch. Joining these groups will regularly inform you of any nearby danger or suspicious behaviour. Equally, it is highly advised that walking home at night is done so in groups and along well-lit routes. The university’s chaperon service is also available to students walking through campus. They are contactable on 0118 378 7799. Keeping all house doors and windows locked at night is also pivotal for reducing the risk of theft.

Keep it tidy

Whilst the tasks of laundry and cooking were big enough changes in first year, moving to rented accommodation will also mean upping your household chores. No, you might not have a lovely halls cleaner to mop your floors and scrub the toilets, but if all tenants do their share of the housework you’ll barely notice the responsibility difference. Looking after the house is a good way to keep in your landlord’s good books and to avoid any hefty costs at the end of your contract.

And for any other issues or concerns, don’t forget that the University’s Student Welfare Team are available and skilled to help with a variety of student welfare issues. You can email the team to arrange an appointment at studentwelfare@reading.ac.uk

Follow this advice and you’ll be on your way to having one of the best years of your uni life. Enjoy!









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