Becoming a Student Communications Ambassador

Elliot shares his experience in the role of a Student Communications Ambassador and talks about why you should apply today!

Are you interested in writing, video production, photography or any other form of digital communication? Consider becoming a Student Communications Ambassador! The Student Comms Ambassador (SCA) leads the student-led segment of the University’s digital presence, as well as representing the Student Success and Engagement Team at events during Welcome Week and throughout the year.

The role is unique for several reasons:

1. The content = your interests 
Everything you create is highly personal.

Want to make photo-journals about BAME representation? Film a series about student political engagement? Write about your insights into how to beat anxiety? Create a podcast about relationships? Want to just review a society you’ve been a part of? This role is a chance to use your creativity to share your student experience and start conversations.

Basically – the message is yours to create. Throughout the year, I’ve been able to use the Student Stories blog to: discuss practical issues I’ve had with my career aspirations; recount what I’ve learned resolving issues with recalcitrant landlords and estate agents; and share deeply personal moments I’ve had through my journey learning to beat depression.

2. You’re paid to practice and develop the skills
The issue with being a digital communicator (social media or Youtube personality, blogger, photographer) is that you have to start from scratch – you have to build your following from the ground up, learning the skills as you go. Being an SCA gives you a platform with a ready audience, and also pays you to develop your skills, meaning you get a head start.

Student Stories Blog, for example, links directly to the Me@Reading portal. Not only that – you’ll receive support in developing your ideas and polishing your work. Your content will be advertised by the University’s Engagement Office every time your content goes live.

You’ll be building an audience, putting together a portfolio of published material and making some money at the same time – what’s not to like?

3. The schedule works around you

You can submit what you want, when you want.

There ARE suggestions of course – notes will go out during important events (e.g. Fresher’s, Mental Health Awareness Week), and to have your content featured, you need to submit by a certain time prior to the event. There’s also no limit to how much or little you submit (so long as you ARE submitting throughout the year), meaning that you get to dictate the schedule.

In summary – being an SCA is a huge opportunity to earn money while practicing content-creation skill in a flexible environment. Keep it up – and you can potentially create an entire portfolio for your CV, while also having a creative outlet, and taking advantage of your voice as a student.

The University is now hiring Student Communications Ambassadors here – places are limited, so apply now!

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