What can you do right now to save the world?

So the world is slowly falling apart…the beautiful planet that Mother Nature has provided us with is crumbing right under our noses. It’s heart breaking and so unsettling. But for some bizarre reason, people are not listening. But I hope, that you, the person currently reading this is hearing what is being said…we need to change our ways. Being eco friendly is so accessible and effortless in this day in age…if you’re not walking round with a reusable cup and a tote bag you’re doing it wrong. If you want to live a sustainable life, which you should want to, here’s some things you can do to save the world right now.

  • Buy yourself some reusable bags:
    • I feel like this is just fashion now, which is great! But make sure to buy yourself some reusable shopper bags, not only are they simple and stylish but also help this beautiful planet out. Whilst you’re shopping, try to stay away from getting plastic bags to put your fresh fruit and veg in – I use these reusable bags from Amazon! They’re great and you can give them a quick wash if they get disgustingly grimy because we’re students.
  • Speaking of plastic…
    • Try to stay away from single use plastic, it’s difficult when multi conglomerates use plastic casing for everything, but if you can try not to! Stay away from single use water bottles/drink bottles and the big thing…straws. Let me educate you here…using plastic bags and single use plastic is bad because it can end up in oceans – ending up in oceans means that ocean wildlife can get trapped up in it all. And we do not want that.
  • Support environmentally friendly companies:
    • There are so many people in this world doing amazing things for the planet. Take for example the company 4Ocean, their simple mission is to clean up ocean coastlines. By buying one of their bracelets, you are cleaning 16 ounces of trash from coastal shorelines. And the bracelets are super cute too! To find out more or to buy a bracelet, click here.

Of course simple steps like this make a big difference but there are some things you can do which don’t involve spending any money:

  • Speak up:
    • Use your VOICE. One of the most powerful tools you possess. Speak up for what you believe in, make sure your voice is being heard. We are in an era where speaking up and making some noise will persuade the authorities to change. Share important environmental messages on your socials, have conversations, debates and arguments to stand up for this planet.

You must unite behind the science. You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up can never ever be an option. – Greta Thunberg

  •  Be informed:
    • Make sure you are well aware of what is currently happening. Read about what we are doing to the world and how we can change it. Knowledge is power. In doing so you are leaving yourself clued up to have in depth conversations about the planet. We as students have the world at our fingertips, so learn from influential people, read about what is happening and research organisations working to do better.

There’s so much that you can do to help the world, do your bit and ensure that those around you are doing their bit. This planet is beautiful and we are destroying her bit by bit.

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