Top 5 StudyTube channels to increase your motivation

Top 5 StudyTube channels to increase your motivation

January is a particularly heavy time for us students, mentally and emotionally. The Christmas fun is over, and it’s back to the grind as we return to our textbooks and library sessions. And on top of that, the dreary weather certainly doesn’t help. This is why I’ve put together a list of my five favourite Study YouTube, or StudyTube, channels to help you get into that elusive motivated mindset.

Eve Bennett

Every time I watch Eve’s videos, I’m awestruck by her work ethic. A Spanish and German student at the University of Oxford, she is a master of hard work as she tackles her enormous workloads head on, all in time to also go out clubbing with her friends. As if that wasn’t enough, she has recently posted some videos offering helpful career-related tips for anyone looking for work experience, internships or jobs.

Eve’s channel:

Vee Kativhu

Although Vee is slightly less well-known than her fellow Oxonian, Eve, she is beyond worth checking out. She is a final year undergraduate and studies Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. Having entered the traditionally homogenous and non-diverse Oxford through a foundation year, she has since given back by doing outreach work encouraging those from minority groups to apply to university. Her message is that no matter what your background, you can achieve great things. Oh, and her channel sports hilariously realistic “Essay Crisis with Me” videos, which make me feel better about my own last minute essay panics, and remind me that it’s okay to struggle sometimes.

Vee’s channel:

Jack Edwards

Jack is the punniest StudyTuber alive, so if you like a good dad joke, you’ll be all over his videos. Using humour as a coping mechanism is something we’ve all had to do at some point at uni, and Jack provides light-hearted videos about his journey as an English student at Durham University. As he is in his final year, his documentation of the trials and tribulations of writing his dissertation offers comfort for any third years out there who are also struggling.

Jack’s channel:

Ruby Granger

Ruby is probably the most unique StudyTuber I’ve watched. Originally starting out on Instagram with a “studygram” account, she now shares her study sessions with us via both social media platforms by crafting content with the most aesthetically-pleasing visuals imaginable. Her YouTube channel brings so much more than just pretty setups, however. She studies English Literature at the University of Exeter, loves reading and instils productive vibes within me as she presents studying as not just a chore, but something she gains so much from. In a nutshell, Ruby fosters an actual love of learning for learning’s sake.

Ruby’s channel:

Unjaded Jade

I totally haven’t saved the best for last or anything! Jade Bowler, known as Unjaded Jade, attends the radical online-learning based Minerva School where each semester students live on a different continent. She is to me the ultimate queen of StudyTube. She brings all the aspects of the above channels together and douses them in a beautifully positive outlook on life. Her very honest rambles about everything from dealing with academic failure to tips for remembering large amounts of information (which I swear got me my best exam results!) leave you not only motivated to be your best self, but also ready to appreciate the little things that enable you to enjoy life with a passion.

Jade’s channel:

So, there you have it – here are some of the most motivational, inspirational and the funniest YouTubers out there, and certainly the most underrated, in my opinion. Be sure to let us know if you decide to watch some of their videos, or if you already know and love these people. Who out of this list are your favourites? As YouTubers would say, tell us in the comments below!

Written by Sabita Burke

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