Dissertation? Don’t Panic!

Dissertation? Don’t Panic!

I know it’s easy to just leave your dissertation because it isn’t due until the end of this term/ beginning of next term but it’s much easier to tackle it head on and get yourself organised. I, along with many of my friends, was stressed over Christmas thinking about how on earth anyone can write 10,000 words. I decided the best way to tackle the problem was to create a realistic plan.

  • If your dissertation is due at the end of this term that means you have 11 weeks.
  • If you were to divide it equally that means you need to write about 900 words a week.
  • This means that if you were to write around 130 words a day (a short paragraph) you would have a full dissertation by the end of this term
  • An average student can write 150- 200 words an hour so this means that you would only have to spend 1 hour writing each day.

Obviously, it isn’t realistic to expect yourself to write every single day but even so looking at a dissertation this way can help you to break it down.

Here are my top tips (as a current third year) to help survive dissertation term:

You have time

As much as it’s easy to look at the word Dissertation and panic there is no need to. It’s important that you understand your own commitments and try to work around them. You don’t want to stop going to the gym just because you forgot to plan.

Use your resources

If you are struggling, go to your dissertation supervisor or your academic tutor, or anyone else who you think can help you. You aren’t expected to be able to do this alone.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

I’m sure you’ve heard it all from your lecturers but leaving it until the Easter holidays really isn’t a good idea. Unless you work well under extreme pressure I don’t think that it is recommended.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone

Try not to worry after you have handed it in. You have done your best possible work and you can’t make it any better by obsessing over the details.

If you’re a first or second year it’s a great idea to plan ahead if you have time and if you’re a final year, Good Luck!

Written by Amelia Dinsdale

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