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Hi, I’m Millie, a part 3 English Literature Student. In my spare time I absolutely love dancing and going to the gym.

I’m currently the online lifestyle editor for the spark newspaper so I am constantly writing articles, I particularly enjoy writing lifestyle and advice articles.

I’m always looking for new writers and if you are interested visit the Spark Website or one of our Facebook pages to learn more!



I’m Emmy, a second year Film student and RUTV’s Editing Coordinator. I enjoy spending a lot of time on set and editing, so you’ll definitely see at least a bit of video content from me!

As well as creating content based around student life, I want to address key issues like mental health and environmentalism.

I’m as passionate about watching films and shows as I am about making them, and like many other procrastinating students, I can spend hours on end binge-watching a TV show. Other things I love include dogs, and food, though I’m much better at eating than I am at cooking!



I first started university many years ago, then dropped out as a result of health issues, as well as realising I had no idea why I had chosen my subject. Years of work, travel, and false starts later – I made the decision to return to university and now study BA English Literature with Creative Writing, while working both as a cocktail bartender and freelance writer. I’m interested in troubled youth, wilderness therapy and the development of masculine identity. I can normally be found in the kitchen trying new recipes, and/or drinking way too much coffee.



Hi, my name is Taz. I’m a Part 3 student of English Language and Applied Linguistics and hope to pursue journalism after I graduate.

I am currently Print Editor of the University’s student newspaper, The Spark, as well as working part time as a news reporter and social media director at a local paper.

I am particularly interested in magazine journalism – mostly lifestyle and entertainment pieces- and love producing film, theatre and restaurant reviews.

If you’d like to get involved with The Spark and have your work published, please contact me at editor.spark@reading.ac.uk. All students are welcome to contribute.



Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m a fourth year Italian studies student. I’ve just spent my third year studying in Bologna, which has been the most incredible year, but I’m very much looking forward to studying back at Reading!

I am absolutely Italy obsessed and love everything about it from the food, to the art, to the Italian way of life.

In my spare time I love to practise yoga as it is amazing for both your physical and mental health. It has made me more mindful and a more positive person in general.

I also enjoy shopping, binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and going out to eat at different restaurants!



I am Ella and I am a third year Primary Education with English student! In my spare time I enjoy cooking new foods, watching Netflix series and learning different languages.

I have recently been on a teaching experience in Finland and have fallen in love with the country. I hope to one day spend some more time there in the future. When I graduate, I hope to work in the education sector.

During university I have done lots of volunteering including helping with the  Students in School programme and the STaR Mentoring scheme. I have also worked lots of part time jobs in a variety of roles with Campus Jobs!





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