Looking after our minds

From the age we learn to walk and talk, we are told about the importance of looking after our bodies – why not our minds?

Society is now better at encouraging people to seek help if they are struggling with mental health issues, however many of us only think to look after their mental health when we feel at crisis point.

There are several ways that we can support our minds in our everyday lives – just as we would look out for our bodies.

It was World Mental Health Day yesterday, but rather than make a bit fuss about it yesterday and then revert to ‘normal’ I plan to regularly post a signpost to some wellbeing guidance/thoughts/insights.

This aims for it to become ‘normal’ that we pro-actively take care of our minds. For today I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to look at this guidance on minding your mind . I have taken it from the really helpful advice on the ‘Employee Assistance Programme – Confidential Care’ website where they have a wide range of guidance both general and very specific. Do have a look for yourself.


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