Extra study space over the summer examination period

Study Space PosterOver the summer term there is an increased demand for study spaces – students have exams to revise for and other deadlines loom large too. In order to cover this increased demand from 11 April to 25 May 2012 selected teaching rooms have been converted into extra study areas for any student to use.

There will be rooms available during the day (Miller Building G05, Business School G04 and Agriculture GU06), in the early evening (HumSS 175 and 301), out of hours (Carrington 101 and 201), and also with PCs (Physics 128/129PC and HumSS 172PC).

Out-of-hours study space

Rooms 101 and 201 in the Carrington Building will be made available as out-of-hours study spaces. They will be open from 19:00 – 07:00 each evening (including weekends but not Bank Holidays). The rooms in the Carrington Building will be available until the 7 June.

Code of Conduct

Use of the rooms is goverend by a Code of Conduct and there will be contact points available in the event of a problem with the room.

Click here for full details.

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