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Month: May 2012

Before you go…

Term ends on Friday 29 June, and having finished your studies we’d like to ask you to consider the following before you leave us…

Address (and email)

  • You should redirect your University Email account (check the instructions on the readingLive site). We might still send you important information after you leave us!
  • Log in to the RISISweb portal and make sure that your address details are correct (and that your permanent address – usually your parents’ address – is also correct).
  • Having trouble logging in to the RISISweb portal? Your log in details may have changed after graduation; they may have reverted back to ‘username: student number’ and ‘password: date of birth’.

If you have any problems updating your record feel free to contact the RISIS Office on +44 (0)118 378 4646 or the Helpdesk on +44 (0)118 378 5555.


  • Have you registered for graduation? You should register even if you don’t want to attend (so we know where to send your certificate!) If you do not register we will not be able to send you your certificate, so you mist refister to graduate in absence if you are not attending. If you haven’t registered you should contact the Graduation Office.
  • We can certify photocopies of your certificate free of charge; but if you lose your certificate and need a replacement there will be a charge (see the Academic Transcripts page for more information).
  • Diploma Supplements are produced by the Examinations Office, and additional copies have a charge attached (see the Academic Transcripts page for more information).

Student Services (in the Carrington Building) will verify degrees for employment and visa purposes.
Follow the graduation day on Twitter, for information and updates – @UniRdg_Grad.

Library and IT

Living in Halls?

  • Please remember to hand in your keys/hall swipe card as failure to do so will result in a charge.
  • If you would like us to forward your mail for a short period (usually 2 weeks) please provide us with a sheet of self adhesive labels with your forwarding address on.
  • Please remember to recycle anything you do not need- clothes, electrical items, books etc at the recycling bins at halls.
  • Please take your bike with you when you leave.
  • Please remove any unwanted food from the fridges or freezers. If you have any dried or tinned food you do not want to take with you please ask at your Group office as some areas have collection points for these items and from there it goes to the Salvation Army.
  • Your deposit will be returned at the end of your tenancy (ie the end of July for most students) – you should receive an email from Finance with details in the coming weeks.


  • We can’t give you your certificates until you’ve cleared your debts with the University. So make sure you’ve paid your Halls bills and Fees and any other outstanding debts (including Library fines).
  • Council Tax – be prepared for a change of status (See the Council Tax FAQs).
  • Student Loans Company – ensure the SLC knows your address.
  • Log in to the RISISweb portal and make sure that your bank details are correct. If they are incorrect we won’t be able to refund any money that we might owe you.

Keep in touch…

  • After graduation, you are still very much part of the University. Keep in touch with all the news, events and over 100,000 other Reading graduates by joining our online community.
  • Keep in touch with the Alumni Office via Twitter (@UniRdg_Alumni), Facebook, and Linkedin.
  • Keep us updated with your contact details by joining our online community and you will receive both Connected Online and Connected Magazine – specifically for Reading alumni.
  • Support Reading! Over 6,000 Reading graduates have made a donation to the Annual Fund, supporting the next generation of students. Make your first gift by texting READ12 followed by the amount (£3, £5 or £10) to 70070
  • Keep up to date with the latest University news via Twitter @UniRdg_News


The Student Employment, Experience and Careers Centre (SEECC) will be in contact with you in the New Year after you graduate in order to find out how your career is progressing (as part of the Destinations of Leavers in Higher Education Survey). Get the jump start on your peers by signing up for our careers services for graduates. Register with SEECC for continued access to careers services, as well as updates on graduate opportunities and vacancies. You can also email SEECC at if you have specific questions or need further information on support available.

Security is everyone’s responsibility in Olympic year

As we build up to the Olympics, you will be aware of heightened security across the UK. The security services have warned that terrorist attacks in the UK are a real and serious danger and that attacks can come in many forms, not just a physical attack, and could impact on vital information or communication systems.

Here at the University of Reading we have a robust security system in place with a team of professional security staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but our collective security is the responsibility of everyone. All staff and students are encouraged to be extra vigilant during these times and take responsibility for their own work and study areas. Please report any suspicious activity, packages or threats to University Security immediately. Security will act on all reports and liaise with the Police.

Contact: Security – 0118 378 7799 (extension 7799). If it is an emergency please call 0118 378 6300 (extension 6300). More security information can be found on the Security website.

Sshh! Quiet Period…

The University Quiet Period runs from 18:00 on Sunday 18 April to 18:00 on Friday 8 June. The Quiet Period is a time during the summer term each year when the University and RUSU actively encourages students to be mindful of the noise regulations set out in Section 4.8 of your Hall handbook. The bulk of University exams take place during the summer term and the Quiet Period is enforced in order to ensure that the disturbance of students and residents in the local community is kept to a minimum.

What’s involved?

Throughout this period, when students are involved in revision and examinations, Hall’s normal noise regulations are strictly enforced. (See your Hall Handbook for further details)

Don’t make noise yourself…and don’t put up with anyone else being noisy.

Offenders against the noise regulations may expect to be fined, in proportion to the seriousness of the disturbance, the time of the disturbance and their previous history. Other disciplinary sanctions may also be applied. Persistent offenders may be required to move out of the Hall.

Sshh! Silent Student Happy Homes

This term RUSU is running a campaign in tandem with the University’s Quiet Period.  It outlines some simple things you can do to ensure peace and harmony over the exams period:

  • Don’t make noise in communal areas in halls (such as kitchens)
  • Keep quieter when on your way to and from venues
  • When you get back home and want to continue the party, be considerate of your neighbours
  • If your neighbours knock and ask you to keep the noise down please don’t dismiss them
  • If your planning a house party, tell your neighbours and agree on a reasonable time for the party to end
  • During exam period – remember there are many students that will have exams both before and after you so please be considerate when you’re lucky enough to not have any exams!

Summer language short courses

Over the Summer Vacation the Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP) will be offering short summer courses in four languages: French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. The courses will help you improve your language skills through a novel exploration of language and culture. The courses can be taken for credits, or at a small charge. For further information check the flyers below or visit the IWLP website.


French flyer



Italian flyer



Japanese flyer



Spanish flyer


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