If I Were a Fresher (Wednesday)

Today I would grab a coffee and check the timetable, then I’d probably have to run onto campus to make sure I made it to the Department/Subject Briefings and Module Selection sessions. Out of breath I’d plonk myself at the back of the room and find out about the modules I could take as part of my degree (being in the Faculty of Arts).

Then I would pop down to the Groundfloor of the Palmer Building to get my Campus Card (because the queues were so long on Monday). I need the Campus Card because it gives me access to various buildings, lets me use the Library, and I can put money on it to use at various catering outlets across campus. But most importantly it completes my registration at the University and thus let the Student Loans Company know that they can pay me my loan…

 Because I’m a little overwhelmed by all the modules available to me as a student in teh Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS) I would pop along to the FAHSS Module Selection Surgery, where they would let me know if the modules I’m thinking of taking actually go together.

At 11:00 the Freshers’ and Societies Fayre kicks of over at RUSU, so it’s an hour wandering around there grabbing whatever free things are on offer and signing up for various societies.

It’s the first for the Hall Fire Safety Talks today, but not for my hall – however, that reminds me to make a note of the one I’m supposed to attend later in the week.

At 16:00 I’m off to the ‘Organising Your Mind to Get Things Done‘, because I think I need to make sure I’m better prepared for the term ahead!

Now, I’m sure there’s something on in the Students’ Union tonight but I’ll see how I feel before committing to that…

How about you? What are your plans for today?

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