Out of Hours Study Spaces (Autumn Term)

Carrington Building and Palmer Building at nightThe University has allocated rooms 101 and 201 in the Carrington Building (40 spaces in each room) as out-of-hours study spaces for the last two weeks of the Autumn Term (3-14 December – not on the evening of the 14 December). So, once the Library shuts its doors you can take the short walk to the Carrington Building and carry on studying there. The rooms in the Carrington Building will be available from 22:00-07:00. On the weekend the rooms will be available as follows: 7 December 19:00-07:00, 8 December and 9 December 21:00-07:00.

You will need your Campus Card to make use of this facility.

Please note that the following Code of Conduct will be in place for these rooms:

These rooms are for individuals who wish to work in silence. Please be respectful of others studying in the room.

  • do not use your iPod or play any other music that can be heard by others
  • keep laptop speakers muted
  • keep mobiles in silent mode
  • do not take or make calls on your mobile
  • leave the room tidy so that others can use it after you
  • only consume bottled water and/or cold food
  • do not leave your belongings unattended

Click here for details of other Study Spaces around campus>>>

Don’t forget, you can use the University’s new Chaperone Service if you are concerned about walking home at night. Visit the Security website for more information.

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