Absences from the University during term

The PVC Teaching & Learning, Gavin Brooks, has recently written to all Undergraduates reminding them of their  responsibilities and academic obligations whilst enrolled as students at the University of Reading and in particular in relation to absence during term-time. He stated-

“These obligations are covered by the University’s Regulations for Conduct concerning absences (the Regulations for Conduct which apply for 2012-13, together with the penalties for breaking the rules, can be found in the Calendar at www.reading.ac.uk/calendar). In particular, I draw your attention to the following points:

  • During Term, students are expected to remain within the University’s jurisdiction.
  • Students are expected to keep all academic engagements (including examinations, School-based tests, lectures, classes, tutorials, interviews) and to present written work as and when required by the Academic Staff, unless excused in advance. In the case of examinations, leave of absence must be sought from the relevant Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning). Any student who is unable, owing to external circumstances, to fulfil an academic engagement of an individual nature (e.g. a tutorial or interview) is expected to inform the member of the Academic Staff concerned. If it is necessary because of special circumstances to be absent from more than one engagement, the student must obtain permission from his or her Tutor (or from the relevant School Director of Teaching and Learning in the Tutor’s absence).

I want to remind you of these Regulations, particularly in regard to post-exam periods in the Summer Term. You might be aware that some commercial holiday providers are already organising events for students e.g. summer breaks, especially during post-exam periods and within term-time. In some cases, these organisations operate such events with the support of legitimate clubs and societies of Students’ Unions. For example, in recent years some students have attended events in Newquay during term-time. The University wishes to make it clear that it is not involved in the organisation of any such events for students and, moreover, it does not condone the absence from the University of any student who attends this type of event.

I remind you that you are normally expected to be at University during term-time and to attend any classes for which you have registered and/or to prepare yourself for the forthcoming academic year as appropriate. In accordance with the Regulations for Conduct outlined above, the University reserves the right to impose appropriate sanctions on any student who is unable to fulfil an academic obligation because of attendance at an external event during term-time.”

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