Try something new…study abroad with ERASMUS

Ever wished you were somewhere else? Well here is your chance and you could be given money to do so!

ERASMUS logoMost departments at Reading have exchange programmes with some of the best European Universities as part of the ERASMUS programme, which will enable you to go abroad, study your subject and gain some funding, all as part of your Reading degree.

National studies show that students who study or work abroad via the ERASMUS programme have better chances of finding employment, higher wages, better degrees classifications and basically have more fun. It is your chance to live in another country, experience a different culture and lifestyle, learn about your subject from a different perspective and help gain international transferable skills that can help set you up for life. You do not have to speak a second language as many partner institutions teach in English – but there are chances for you to do so if you want!

Most students who study abroad come back saying it is the best part of their degree and they wish they could have stayed longer – click here to read what they have to say. The Erasmus & Study Abroad Office and Erasmus & Study Abroad coordinator in your department can advise and support you throughout the whole process.

It is not often as a student that you receive money to go abroad… why not try it.

Click here to visit the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office website for more information.

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