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Month: April 2013

Module selection

Student choosing modulesFor students beginning Part 2, 3 or 4 in October 2013, the chance to choose your optional modules for the next Part of your degree programme starts on Tuesday 28 May (from about 11:00) and finishes on Friday 21 June. You will be able to make your optional module selections via the RISISweb Portal.
Note:  History students need to choose their modules by Friday 7 June.

All students should, prior to making their choice, ensure that they have touched base with their School and discussed their options with their personal tutor. 

The Joint Faculties Office (excluding Henley Business School) will be holding a module surgery for students in Room G05b, Palmer Building on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June from 09:00 to 12:00. POn Friday 21 June please pop up to the Joint Faculties Office on the second floor of the Carrington Building with any queries.

Any student who fails to complete their selection by the deadline will then have to wait until the Freshers’ Week module surgery opens on Monday 29 September, by which time some modules may be closed.

Examinations – what you need to know

tables for examsIf you are sitting exams this term please ensure you have checked your personal exam timetable carefully and read ‘Examination arrangements: what you need to know’. This document contains important information on where to find exam venues, what you should and shouldn’t bring to your exams, rules about behaviour in exams, what to do if you are ill on the day, and so on. You will find a link to this document on your personal timetable, or you can click here to access it.

It is imperative that you are familiar with the rules contained in this document – if you are caught breaking the rules for whatever reason it will be considered cheating and you will face academic misconduct procedures.

Extenuating circumstances forms

If you have been affected by circumstances beyond your control (like illness, death or severe illness of a close relative or partner, physical attack) you might feel that your performance has been impaired. In such circumstances you may be able to request that the University should consider your case/situation at one of its Examiners’ Meetings.

The deadlines for submission to Schools of Extenuating Circumstances Forms with appropriate evidence are published on the Examination Office’s website. The University will not consider any cases after the specified published deadlines unless you can demonstrate insurmountable circumstances (such as hospitalization or incarceration) that prevented you from handing in the form and accompanying evidence on time.

You also need to be aware that it is University policy that only two ‘Deemed not to have sat’ (DNS) approvals can be permitted for any Part/Year of study throughout any degree programme.

A list of School Contacts for Extenuating Circumstances Forms can also be found on the Examination Office’s website.

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