NUS Blackout 2014

Carrington and Palmer Buildings at nightFriday 28 November brings the NUS Blackout to the University of Reading for the first time – and we need your help. We’ll be sweeping the campus to find out how much electricity is wasted over the weekend so why not join us for a night out with the lights out?

From our Blackout Mission Control, we’ll be sending out teams from 18:00 to explore buildings across the Whiteknights Campus. Your mission: find out what’s left on, make sure it gets switched off and report back what you’ve discovered.

We’ll have live data feeds back at Mission Control so we can track the amount of energy we’re saving, plus all sorts of competitions, surprises – and free pizza.

You’ll need to attend a training session ahead of the event and you can find more info and to join us at:

The event will contribute 1 hours training and 3 hours volunteering to your RED award too!

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