Enhancement Week: Your springboard to success

16-20 February 2015

Enhancement Week (aka ‘Opportunities Week’) is coming up and you should make sure you don’t miss out! Enhancement Week gives you dedicated time and events to enhance your employability, personal development and study skills to help you get the degree you want.

The week will offer you the chance to stretch yourself academically by taking part in fun, challenging and engaging learning experiences. The opportunities on offer aim to help you engage with the real world via team and leadership programmes, training in work based skills (such as IT), trips and visits, employer and alumni presentations and much more…

The week is not a break from your study or engagement with the University. It will enrich your development by focusing on your professional skills in a format that is fun and different. It is a continuation of your course but with a change of pace and focus but essential for future success. Your School/Department has arranged a number of programme-specific activities alongside some University-wide initiatives, including:

  • IDEAFEST – How to get started
    The IDEAFEST Competition is your chance to launch your entrepreneurship career. If you’ve got a great idea we can help you realise it
  • Student Training and Experience Programme events
    STEP sessions will help you hone your study and personal skills (and they count towards the RED Award)
  • Extra study spaces
    The Library might get a bit crowded this week, so we’ve freed up some extra spaces for individual and group study
  • Just added!
    We’ve got some late sessions including Data Analysis drop-in clinics and School based sessions open to all students

The sessions organised by your School/Department are compulsory (they will appear in your timetable, or your School/Department will have notified you via some other means); the centrally organised sessions are optional, but will give you the opportunity to explore themes and ideas around employability and personal development.

Student Training and Experience Programme sessions

The Student Training and Experience Programme will help you get ahead in your studies and develop key life skills. Sessions that are running during Enhancement Week include:

Date Time Title Venue
17/02/2015 14:00-14:50 Leadership Skills with EY Palmer 106
17/02/2015 14:00-16:00 Excel Essential S@iL 108, Library
17/02/2015 16:00-17:00 PowerPoint Hints and Tips S@iL 108, Library
18/02/2015 14:00-15:00 Logs: Understanding the basic laws Room 2s21, URS
18/02/2015 16:00-18:00 Microsoft Draw S@iL 108, Library
19/02/2015 10:00-12:00 Word Intermediate S@iL 108, Library
20/02/2015 10:00-12:00 PowerPoint Essential S@iL 108, Library

Additional study spaces

We have allocated some rooms as additional study spaces for the duration of Enhancement Week. The following rooms will be available between 09:00-18:00 on the days listed:

Monday 16 February
Engineering 318
Systems Engineering G39
Carrington 201
Palmer 102

Tuesday 17 February
Engineering 318
Systems Engineering G39
Carrington 201
Agriculture 1L06

Wednesday 18 February
Engineering 318
Systems Engineering G39
Carrington 201
Miller G05

Thursday 19 February
Engineering 318
Systems Engineering G39
Carrington 101
Miller G05

Friday 20 February
Engineering 318
Systems Engineering G39
Carrington 101
Carrington 201

Recently added events

The Maths Support Centre will be two drop-in clinics for Data Analysis, intended for final year undergraduates who need help with statistics for their dissertations.

Drop-in Clinics for Data Analysis
Tuesday 17 February and Wednesday 18 February
Room 111, Library
Click here for more information.

Some Schools/Departments have also contacted us to let us know that their sessions are available to students from across the University.

“Polite” words in American and British English talk
Are the English always ‘sorry’? Do Americans really want you to ‘have a nice day’? Find out how usage of ‘polite’ words differs on either side of the Atlantic and colours our perceptions of Britons and Americans in this talk from Lynne Murphy, hosted by the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics.
Tuesday 17 February
Room 107, Palmer Building

Settlers of Catan
Test your skills against other students and in this game that tests your diplomacy, strategic and economic skills. If you’re interested in building a better tomorrow this game will give you the perfect arena to test your mettle!
Monday 16 February
Room G25, HumSS
Click here to book (by Thursday 12 February)
Or, Tuesday 17 February
Room 108, Palmer Building
Click here to book (by Thursday 12 February)


Let us know what you thought of this term’s Enhancement Week. Your suggestions will help us to improve Enhancement Week and ensure that it is meeting your needs. You can send comments about School and Department events via your Course Reps, and leave any general comments in the comments box below.

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  1. what about arranging to give the international students opportunity to show something relating to their cultures traditions their countries etc…

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