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Start your entrepreneurship career – enter the IDEAFEST Business Idea Competition

As part of Enhancement Week we’re giving you the chance to get ahead of the game with this introductory session on the IDEAFEST competition.

Entrepreneurship it has been said is a career for those who want to make a difference in the world and change the world for the better. Entrepreneurs are not born and anyone can start a business! It has never been easier to start a business. What you need is an business idea and the opportunity to get started.

The IDEAFEST Competition gives you to chance to not only to get started and progress your idea but also the opportunity to launch a career. The event will introduce you to developing a business idea and provide details of the Competition and you get to hear from Ese Omoarukhe, the winner of last year’s IDEAFEST Competition. No prior knowledge of entrepreneurship is required but students should be interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities and developing business ideas.

Read more about the IDEAFEST Competition here, or on the IDEAFEST website.

Where and when?

Wednesday 18 February 15:00
Room 102, Henley Business School


Enhancement Week: Your springboard to success


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    Does this require to sign up or reservation?
    What time will this event finish?
    Many thanks!

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