Blackboard will be upgraded to a new version at the end of August.

In order to complete this, Blackboard will be unavailable OR at risk as follows:




11:30 BST
Monday 31 August
(Bank Holiday)
09:00 BST
Tuesday 1 September
Blackboard and Turnitin unavailable
09:00 BST
Tuesday 1 September
12:00 BST
Tuesday 1 September
Blackboard and Turntin available
but at risk.*


(* This means Blackboard and Turnitin can be used and you can submit assignments, but you may notice some changes to the interface being made during this period.)

This upgrade will update existing tools and introduce some new features.

At the same time, the user interface will be improved and updated. You will also notice a change of colour scheme in line with University branding.

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