china scholarships

The Vice-Chancellor’s China Scholarship Scheme – a scheme in which a number of students are provided with full funding for a place at one of two summer schools in Beijing, China – is now open for applications.


During a trip to China in November 2013, the Vice-Chancellor visited some of the University of Reading’s key partners and learnt that they provide Summer Programmes that allow international students to visit and learn more about China and Chinese culture. The scheme was launched in summer 2014 and provides a maximum of £3,000 per student which covers flights, accommodation and visas (organised and booked by the University) and a daily stipend for food and drink.


Currently, there are two partner universities that offer the opportunity to visit and these are Peking University and Renmin University – both of which are top ranked universities in Beijing, China. Both offer summer schools that last approximately 28 days and offer the chance to take modules such as: Chinese culture, Chinese language, the politics of China, the Economy of China and Chinese literature.


The scheme is only open to UK and other nationals (who don’t hold a Republic of China passport, and are able to secure a visa); and participants must return to the University of Reading for a minimum of 12 months further study following completion of the Scholarship programme.


Students who are interested in the scheme can attend the ‘Opportunities in China: Internships and the Vice-Chancellor’s China Scholarship Scheme’ session, which is running as part of the Reading Culture Day. The session will take place on Wednesday 17th February, 4-5pm in Palmer G02 and will provide an opportunity to find out all about the scholarship scheme, as well as having the chance to hear from the 2015 China scholars about their experiences.


To apply for the scheme, please fill out an online application form. The deadline for submissions is Friday 25th March and interviews will take place at the beginning of the summer term. If you have any further questions, please contact Daniel Mitchell or visit the Vice-Chancellor’s China Scholarships website.