It has come to the attention of the Security services that there have been recent reports of suspicious vehicles, both on and off campus. There have been reports of vehicles following students, particularly females.

Students are advised to take extra care on and around campus, particularly now that the evenings are getting darker.
Security and the Police are remaining vigilant in order to identify any suspicious behaviour from vehicles around campus.

If students suspect anything unusual, they should call Security (0118 378 6300) or the Police.

Here is some other information that might be useful:

– The University’s dedicatedchaperone service
– The Security Services website
– Read our article on your personal safety

2 thoughts on “Be aware: reports of suspicious vehicles

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the alert, but it is quite vague with regard to the imposed threat. Could you provide additional detail? For example, was the car just sitting idle and the individual inside the car was acting strangely towards students? Was anyone followed? Was it females that reported the incident, etc? Do you have a description of the vehicles.

    I’m just unsure of what “suspicious vehicles both on and off campus” truly means unless there is more information about the behavior by the individual within the vehicle and so on…

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