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Month: November 2016

Update on the National Student Survey

Following RUSU’s decision to ask finalists not to take part in the NSS, the Vice Chancellor has written to RUSU President Ben Cooper, outlining the University’s position.

You can read the full message here.

Tuition fee arrangements: keep up to date

The University has confirmed its UK and EU undergraduate tuition fee arrangements.

Existing undergraduates

Tuition fees are fixed at £9,000 a year for:

  • all existing UK/EU students, including those starting courses in 2016/17 for the full duration of their courses. This is unlike other institutions who are planning to raise fees midway through courses
  • all existing UK/EU undergraduates retaking academic years in 2017/18
  • all those who enrolled after 1 September 2012 but before August 2017

This will remain fixed for these students’ full course duration. This is unlike other universities intending to raise fees midway through existing students’ courses or leaving the door open to future increases.

For non-EU international students please read more on our information page.


New UK/EU undergraduates in 2017/18

Subject to Parliament passing legislation entitling institutions to make this increase, the University of Reading intends to:

  • charge £9,250 a year tuition fees for all new UK/EU undergraduates enrolling in 2017/18
  • fix this £9,250 a year tuition fee for the full course duration of each new UK/EU undergraduate enrolling in 2017/18
  • fix tuition fees at £9,000 for undergraduates deferring entry until 2017/18 for the full duration of their courses


The new £9,250 tuition fee level for all new UK/EU undergraduates enrolling in 2017/18 would be fully covered by a loan from the Student Loan Company, in line with its published repayment terms and conditions.

Fees will remain at the current £9,000 a year level if the government does not pass the necessary legislation.

Eligible University of Reading students would still be able to apply for our bursary, scholarship and finance support programmes.

A £9,250 tuition fee level means we can carry on investing in teaching, learning and student services and financial support.

Retaining a £9,000 a year fee risks a real-terms reduction in income from tuition fees not rising in line with inflation since being introduced in September 2012 – meaning there is less funding to invest in teaching and student services.

The £9,000 fee introduced 2012 is worth £8,500 in real terms this year and will reduce further if inflation rises further in coming years.

For non-EU international students, read more here.

Remember starting university? Chance to win a £20 Oracle voucher

Answer our quick survey remembering back to your experiences of first starting to study at university and you could help many new students when they start. You can also enter a prize draw to win a £20 voucher for the Oracle Centre.  

To answer the survey, click on the link:

Here at Study Advice, we are creating a new online course about preparing for university study for all new students starting at Reading in 2017. Your replies to our survey will help us tailor the content of the course to make it as useful and helpful as possible.

Closing date for answering the survey is Mon 21st Nov. 

What’s the new student homepage about?

Those of you who have logged into a University computer recently and opened up the internet may have been met by this quite confusing page:

portal login screen


We are in the process of getting it updated, but at the moment this does not give you a lot of information about what you are logging in to.

If you log-in to this page, it will take you to the Me@Reading student portal. From the portal, you will be able to:

  • Check your timetable and calendar
  • Easily access your email
  • Use quick links to Blackboard, Library, PC Availability, Campus Card and other services
  • See reminders, upcoming events, news and articles from across the university and within your department

Save your log-in details, and then you will only ever be one click away from all the information you need.


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